Internationally celebrated Record Store Day, the third Saturday in April, is a day where stores across the globe give special offers, hold events, and some record companies unearth oldies, goodies, and use the day as an opportunity to release previously unreleased music. Kilawatt Music has done so with the release of this 7″ with two widely unheard tracks from DC songstress Muhsinah and London producer Ben Jones, originally on the now defunct label The songs are two strikingly contrasting musical styles—Ben Jones‘s “Stereosine” is raw funk instrumental that gentle plays with experimental sounds with a dubstep flare; Muhsinah‘s “Are In Be” never fails in providing interesting vocals – her harmonies are always beautiful. The 7″ is available from Kilawatt’s Online Store and exclusively from from today, April 16th. Check the tracks out below and purchase some music today!

“Stereosine” by Ben Jones

“Are In Be” by Muhsinah

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