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Tanya Auclair – “Origami” EP (Download + Video)

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Tanya Auclair is one of those quintessential artists, a non-conformist pushing themselves through boundaries to move out of comfort-zones. With the release of her debut EP last July, Thrum, which brought in sounds of the doowop and electronica with raw drum and guitar melodies, it was no surprise that she ended up collaborating with Tomatom the French aka Yult, with The Animal Inside back in February of this year. Now with the release of her second EP, Origami, where the themes take from the Ancient art form of the triptych, which is three-part panels of pictures or carvings placed together — in the instance of Origami — it is the stories about making (Origami), change, (Sverige) and chance (Fluke), basically describing Tanya‘s musical journey. Her use of the ukulele, a microkorg, bass, the mbira, and her voice, give us these uncanny sounds that are refreshing to hear during these times of over production. Check out “Fluke” short video below, which is directed by Eleni Savvidou, then head over to her Bandcamp page to get a free download. First 1000 downloads are free; so act now!

Tanya Auclair – Origami EP Trailer from Tanya Auclair on Vimeo.

YULT – “The Animal Inside EP” featuring Tanya Auclair (Download)

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

French producer, Tomatom the French aka Yult, has teamed up with London-based singer-songwriter Tanya Auclair for his new project The Animal Inside EP. Yult is one of those producers who cannot be pigeonholed; his sounds pull from many disciplines, styles and genres, such as jazz, hip hop, afro beats, and dub. The pairing of Yult with Tanya Auclair is perfect match. Tanya’s no stranger to the alternative scene — her debut EP Thrum was released last summer, and was a solid display of her vocal abilities; the sound arrangements were minimal and allowed her to layer her vocals to fill each track. If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, you can check it out here. The opening track, “Inland Empire” is about reclaiming your land, but is actually about taking back your life, being in control and the production flows like a tribal warrior to a beat. If The Animal Inside was to be compared, it has the darkness of Portishead but also the playfulness of Lee Scratch Perry, then add Tanya Auclair‘s vocals and songwriting makes each song complete. The Animal Inside released today, and the first 1000 downloads are free; so you better click here to get it! Check out “Mark Your Way.”

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