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De La Soul Release New Mixtape to Honor J Dilla through a BitTorrent Bundle (Download)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

de-la-soul-smell-the-daisy With De La Soul teaming with BitTorrent Bundle to release their latest mixtape, Smell the DA.I.S.Y., we could say that P2P technology has finally succeeded its quest to lead artists to the kool-aid. Up until now, artists have been reluctant to drink, due to its lack of profitability and scalability. But with this release, BitTorrent stands for something a bit more positive where all parties win (well, kind of).

Pioneering in their approach from the start of their careers in 1989, De La Soul‘s 3 Feet High and Rising changed the course of hip hop through its heavy sampling, and its comedic and eclectic positive messaging, so partnering with BitTorrent should not surprise. The BitTorrent Bundle consists of classic De La Soul style lyricism over stellar J Dilla beats. To further in honoring Dilla‘s legacy, a video of the J Dilla Still Shining documentary is also included. This is a mega freebie where all you have to do is provide your email to download, and whenever you share it. We suggest you get it now!

DOWNLOAD LINK: De La Soul: Smell the DA.I.S.Y.
1. “Let The King Ascend” [Audio]
2. “Who” featuring Redman [Audio]
3. “Dilla Plugged In” [Audio]
4. “Goes The Word” [Audio]
5. “Vocabulary Spills” [Audio]
6. “The Pitch” [Audio]
7. “Taking The Train” [Audio]
8. “Leave Your Cares Behind” [Audio]
9. “O’Shut Up” [Audio]
10. “No More No Less” [Audio]
11. “Marvin Jaye” [Audio]
12. “Smell The DA.I.S.Y. Letter” [Audio]
13. J Dilla Documentary “Still Shinning” [Video]
14. J Dilla Wallpaper [Art]

DJ Apple Jac – “Real Dilla Quotes” [Free Download + Video]

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

It still amazes me when I come across people who have no idea who James Dewitt Yancey better known as J Dilla and/or Jay Dee, was. I suppose, when one’s talents isn’t visual but auditory and sensory, our fickle society is quick to dismiss, ignore, or give that credit to someone else. J Dilla was one of music’s most influential hip-hop artists. Yet, commercially, his name still is relatively unknown. Recently I dropped Dilla‘s name in a conversation with one of my girlfriends, who didn’t know who he was. I pulled out the commercial Janet Jackson‘s “Got ’til It’s Gone” reference, to a surprised look of “Oh! Nice.” His style marked the era from 2000 to his passing. He affected hip hop and its counterparts, to a point that we say, “it’s a Dilla like beat.”

The tune below “Real Dilla Quotes (Nothin’ Like This)” is produced by DJ Applejac, where he takes great soundbytes from people who knew, will always love and respect J Dilla. A beautiful piece which captures the essence of what J Dilla stood for in his short, yet impressionable life (in 2006 at the age of 32 he lost his battle with the lupus disease).

Rest in Peace Jay Dee! Donuts are Forever!

Real Dilla Quotes (Nothin Like This) by Applejac



J Dilla – “Donut Shop EP” (Free Download)

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The legend of J Dilla continues with Donut Shop. Previously released as a purchase-only vinyl EP, the track “Safety Dance,” which is a refashioning of Men Without Hats 80s classic, leaked online a couple of months ago. Now Stonesthrow is giving it away to avid J Dilla fans! Featuring three unreleased Dilla beats, including “Safety Dance,” “Bars & Twists,” an instrumental of Mos Def‘s “History,” and Q-Tip‘s “Move.” I don’t know about you, but I never grow tired of hearing a Dilla beat or production; so enjoy this free DOWNLOAD! Check out “Bars & Twists” below.

Blu. – “Her Favourite Colo(u)r” (Audio)

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

blu-herfavcolorThis came out for Valentine’s Day celebrations and a lot of people slept on it due to the fact it is an ultimate breakup album, revealing the mixed and often misunderstood emotions we often feel when love has turned from sweet to soar. The jazzy undertones don’t lead you to slitting your wrists and wanting the love that went bad back, but actually accepting what’s done is done. It’s okay to reminisce, just a little.

Before getting a deal, Blu. was the hype man for Slum Village, Platinum Pied Pipers, Steve Spacek, and Emanon. Signing to indi label Soul in Color in 2004, it’s been non-stop for this San Piedro, California native. In 2007, he released with Emanon Below the Heavens, and has collaborated with DJ Heat for the (So)ul Amazing mix tapes, and is also a member of the Johnson & Johnson duo. It’s been less than two years and his work has been incredible.

Her Favo(u)rite Colo(u)r, is somewhat of a journey through the mind states of a breakup, albeit short and light on lyrical content where some of the actual songs appear to be skits, the composition in itself validates the album’s concept, ensuring that we don’t grow tired of looking at the bright and dark sides of a breakup. Take a listen to “Amnesia” where Blu. talks about the good days in the relationship, wrought with an apropos Billie Holiday sample, the vibe that will make you smile.

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