With every project Oddisee shows his diversity as a producer, translating themes into music in lush ways. Rock Creek Park is a unique place centered in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC and extends 12 miles from the Potomac River to the border of Maryland. Donald Byrd‘s group of his best students, Black Byrd‘s recorded the seminal track “Rock Creek Park” in 1972, and is what inspired Oddisee to create his own interpretation of what the park means to him. Capturing the sounds of the soul and jazz era of the 70s, which was mired in compassion, Oddisee‘s take on Rock Creek Park is a sensory piece of work through break beats, samples and live instrumentation. There are few songs from the past that have that same effect, such as Bobbi Humphrey‘s “Harlem River Drive,” and Light of the World‘s “London Town” and Oddisee‘s entire project captures the essence of a landscape and how life plays into it, through his experience. “When I was younger, [Rock Creek Park] was a place for skipping rocks, bike rides and imaginary adventures in the woods. As a teen it was a place where I played basketball, had cook outs with friends and walked through with dates. As an adult it’s my short cut through the city, my quickest way from Silver Spring to Georgetown. One thing it still is and always will be, is my retreat,” says Oddisee of Rock Creek Park. Hear it for yourself on Oddisee’s Bandcamp page and buy yourself a copy!

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