If you’re a resident of New York City, there is a 95% chance that you’ve attended an Ahficionados event. Deffrei Enfermera a.k.a. FREElikefrei is one of the founding members. Amassing a career in lifestyle entertainment, from DJing, music production, promotion, to fashion styling, video production, music has always been a mainstay for FREElikefrei – an area in his arsenal not fully pursued. “It’s really about being comfortable. I’ve been in this [business] for a minute and feel I have built a lane that takes years of understanding and learning one’s self,” says FREElikefrei. His inner voice has become loud and clear, and set the wheels in motion for his forthcoming album, Grey Era, where Frei explains it to mean, “If life is truly black and white then I’m gonna put it together.”

Blame Me/She’s Sexy” is a fun tune that touches on a relationship based on superficiality, kind of like the woman Chris Rock would categorise as “new pussy” who has all those external attributes which make her appealing, but ultimately, she ain’t nothing but a problem. The jazz like tone, and Frei’s storytelling is reminiscent of the years where musical expressions were fun and free. Check out the teaser below. Looking forward to hearing the full project. Stayed tuned for more info on this project.

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