BROOKZILL! Share Debut Single “Saudade Songbook” ft. Count Bass D [Audio]

Photo: Cognito of Frolab

Photo: Cognito of Frolab

After the announcement of the new group BROOKZILL! comprising of Prince PaulDigable Planets’ vocalist Ladybug Mecca, Brazilian MC Rodrigo Brandão, and producer Don Newkirk, packaged with a mixtape to give us an idea of what to imagine from the super group, they hit us with the first single “Saudade Songbook” featuring Count Bass D.” The inception of BROOKZILL! happened a decade ago while Prince Paul was visiting São Paulo and met Rodrigo Brandão. The two instantly connected musically and vowed to make music together in the future. To Prince Paul, “BROOKZILL! is a throwback to why I started my whole career: good music is good music, regardless of what the language is, what the culture is,” he said in a statement. “This record stands by what I’ve always stood by. It might not be what you’re familiar with. But for some reason, you just like it ’cause it’s good. It shouldn’t have a face on it, it should just be felt.” We can expect to fusions of sounds that cover the gamut.

Throwback to the Future is slated to release in October, and here’s the first taste with “Saudade Songbook.” We digs it! Check it out below and follow them on Facebook for more updates!

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