amalia-makings-ofCanadian singer, AMALIA‘s sophomore album is truly a journey into different soundscapes. Makings Of is a collaborative album in the truest sense as every track features producers far and wide from Detroit to Senegal, from AtjazzOpolopoSoulParlorB. Bravo + Teeko, BlaktronicsOpolopo, Reggie B, to name a few. Each producer has constructed tunes that are individual to AMALIA‘s cutting edge vocal funk style. This woman can truly sing and Makings Of highlights the depth of her vocal acrobats and her fluidity in attacking every track she appears on. We can definitely say there’s a new chick in town who fixin’ to ruffle a lot of feathers in underground new soul and funk.

Makings Of released Monday on Tokyo Dawn Records and is available for purchase on their website. Check out a couple of tracks below for a AMALIA‘s brand of future funk.

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