International Hip Hop Festival Breakin’ Convention Soars at New York’s Apollo Theater

breakin convention

The Breakin’ Convention began in 2004, as a way to profile the world’s elite hip-hop performers, providing education on the foundations of hip-hop dance, while engaging children and young people. Now in its thirteenth year, the Breakin’ Convention has grown into an international tour with events in various parts of Europe, all over the UK, and in the US (Charlotte, Denver, New York, Miami) and Canada, bringing dancers from all over the globe to their stage. The festival is the brainchild of Jonz D, a dancer, spoken word artist, and a strong advocate for hip-hop culture in the UK. His artistic direction with the Breakin’ Convention platform has gained worldwide acclaim, placing him at the vanguard of developing a movement that is positively keeping the art form alive. Audiences bare witness to a new generation’s interpretation of hip-hop in refreshing ways, where they fuse their own cultures into the dance. This year’s festival at New York’s Apollo Theater spanned four days, offering dance workshops and talks leading up to the festival’s two-night show. Featured dancers included Dynamic Rockers (Brooklyn), Havoc and Klassic (Brooklyn), Rep Your Style (Brooklyn) Bwreckfast Club from Litefeet Nation (Harlem), Passionfruit Dance Company (The Bronx), Soweto Skeleton Movers (South Africa), Popin’ Pete (Las Vegas), Protocol (UK), Salah (France), and Yeah Yellow (France). Watch the short video below are the Soweto Skeleton Movers.

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