IN THE TRUNK: The Moodymann Take On Parliament Funkadelic’s “Cosmic Slop”

Moodymann "Cosmic Slop" Funkadelic From the forthcoming Ace Records complication Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters that pays homage to the genius of Detroit’s very own, Parliament Funkadelic is a series of remixes from today’s Detroit producers and musicians. The first share from the compilation is by Moodymann, an eclectic producer known for the combining real instrumentation with the electronic. His take on Funkadelic’s 1973 “Cosmic Slop” maintains Funkadelic’s original foundation, but all the instruments are turned on high and isolated in a subdued way, capturing the energy of how the Funkadelic actually perform the track today. The album’s curator, Brendan M. Gillen of Interdimensional Transmissions carefully selected legendary Detroit producers, and oddly, house DJs and producers Theo Parrish and Carl Craig, and one half of Platinum Pied Piper’s Waajeed were not selected. Gillen felt that their mixes “didn’t hold up to Funkadelic’s legacy – that is truly a rare kind of respect, and shows you just how much this music still means in Detroit.” We are witnessing a sort of resurgence of Funkadelic’s brand of funk, with former member Amp Fiddler set to release a new album in November of this year also. Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters is set to release October 31st and we can’t wait!! Check it out below and see the track listing for the featured artists.

Track Listing for Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters:

Side 1
1. Sexy Ways (Recloose Disco Flip)
2. You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure (Alton Miller Mix)
3. Get Your Ass Off And Jam (Marcellus Pittman Remix)

Side 2
1. Cosmic Slop (Moodyman Mix)
2. Music For My Mother (Andres Wo Ahh Ay Vocal Mix)
3. Super Stupid (Dirtbombs Version)

Side 3
1. Music 4 My Mother (Underground Resistance Mix)
2. Undisco Kidd (Gay Marvine Edit)
3. Take Your Dead Ass Home (The Fantasy Version)

Side 4
1. Let’s Take It To The Stage (Amp Fiddler Laughin @Ya Mix)
2. Standing On The Verge (Anthony Shake Shakir & T Dancer Remix)
3. You And Your Folks (Claude Young Jr Club Mix)

Side 5
1. Be My Beach (Mophono & Tom Thump)
2. You And Your Folks (Claude Young Jr Dub)
3. Let’s Make It Last (Kenny Dixon Jr Edit)

Side 6
1. Looking Back At You (Ectomorph Stripped And Dubbed)
2. Maggot Brain (BMG Dub)

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