New Single “Pick Up” from Bestian Keb; Album to Follow


Bestian Keb

One-Handed Music recording artist, Bestian Kep is somewhat of an anomaly. He is a multi-instrumentalist, with vocals likening to The Impressions and The Delfonics. By day he writes for TV and film and brings his cinematic influence into to his music. “I don’t really do mic shit up proper, so I gotta go lo-fi,” says Bestian, which explains why his music has a warmth and honest feel.

Bestian’s debut album Drinking in Shadows of Zizou, was released in 2015 to critical acclaim for its approach to using a myriad of sounds while simultaneously reaching back to include a retro sound. With his sophomore album, 22.02.85 set to release March 3rd, we can expect more of his psychedelic soul, mixed with experimental hip hop while all instruments are played, of which he calls a “battered/borrowed” style. The first single from 22.02.85 is “Pick Up,” has a staid beginning, with chords, horns, flute, and congos whispering in the background as Bastien sings the opening melody, begging a woman to call him, then the music changes into a funk driven groove. By the end of the song, you’re either mad at Marianne for not calling this guy back or wondering, what the hell did Bastien do! Check it out below!

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