Aaron Taylor Says There Are Better Days Ahead [Audio]

Photo: Matt Miller (AllThingsCommon)

Photo: Matt Miller (AllThingsCommon)

The UK has a new sensation who goes by the name of Aaron Taylor. There is barely any information on him out there, not even a hint to what he looks like, which could be part of his strategy to for us to pay more attention to the music – as that really, is all he’s giving us. The British musician, singer, and producer’s brand of soul has a D’Angelo vibe, with hard grooves that bring in live instrumentation to the fore, fusing influences from difference genres, coupled with stellar vocals.

At the start of the year, Taylor released an impressive debut EP Still Life, introducing himself as a new addition to nu soul. Now with his second EP Better Days, he enlists the same collaborators, Bayo Adegboyega on guitar, James Rudi Creswick on bass, Mark Perry on the trumpet and flugelhorn, Richard Henry on trombone, and David Scarlett on violin, while Taylor himself plays the keyboards, and drum programming.

Living in an adversarial world, the upbeat message of “Be Alright” is the exactly recipe we need. From “Times may get hard, but as long as we have God. It’s all good…. If we want to see a change, then we have to pave the way. It’s all good.” “Help” starts with the plucking acoustic guitar, leading into arresting violin and bass progressions, that drives the groove of the track as Taylor sings of a complicated, spellbinding love. The cheeky “Breakfast” starts with the command, “Get up and make me breakfast!” And Taylor quickly alters the command with, “You ain’t gotta make me breakfast in the morning, but I’d like it if you could,” and in drops the funky guitars and 70 style horns. “If I Had to Write a Song About You” has all the styling of a D’Angelo song and is beautifully executed. On “Lay Your Troubles Down” come to understand Taylor’s underlying theme: which is love and positive energy. A solid EP, check it out below.

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