Reva DeVito is on The Move With Her Debut EP [Audio]

Portland, Oregon singer, Reva DeVito‘s 6-track EP The Move is pure fire! A mixture of breezy, downtempo, danceable tracks where she works with frequent collaborators Roane Namuh, HW&W label mate¬†Kaytranada, and Com Truise. Her previous works include The Catnip Collective EP that was released in 2011, and in 2012 she collaborated with Roane Namuh to release Cloudshine EP.

Opening with “So Bad,” is signature Kaytranada, with a funk undertone and driving bass while Reva lighthearted vocals wrap around the tune. Kaytranada is also featured on the title track, “The Move,” that is reminiscent of an 80s Jellybean Benitez track. “Deeper” Reva sings in a conversational style and uses the melody of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” for the chorus.Rose Gold” Reva taps into 90s hip hop R&B and is produced by label mate Teklun,

Reva spoke to The Fader about The Move and said, “These songs are reminders to continue to strive for your goals and never stop moving toward your creative visions, thus the title of the EP. You just can’t ever stop doing what you love and believe in. It may take a while for some, but stay dedicated. That’s the move, baby.” Reva is certainly making her move with these grooves. Check out her EP below.

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