Kaytranada’s Unofficial Remix of Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” Gets Thumbs Up [Audio]


Solange released her third studio album, Seat At the Table a week ago, and the world is in complete awe. An album she’d been working on for the past three years, that probably would never have sounded so good if she didn’t enlist the power of Raphael Saadiq on production. Back in 2008, Raphael Saadiq gave Solange a few instrumental outlines to write to. “Cranes in the Sky” was the first song she wrote against his music, and is the song that inspired Canadian DJ/producer, Kaytranada to do a remix of. Here’s what Kaytranada says about the remix: “I couldn’t help it and I can’t deny how good it sounds. This is just an edit to play on my dj sets, and I played it once and everybody wanted it right away. Honestly I was gonna wait to see if Solange or her team or whoever works for her would’ve ask me to do an official remix so if they still want to, I could make it sound better than that version but ohhhhh, what the hell….anyways I highly recommend you that new Solange album A Seat At The Table.” And the beauty of the web, Solange loved his remix and shared it with her 2.5 million followers! Great when indi artists are shown love. Let’s make the remix official!

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