Heron Demarco’s “Crumble On Me” Powerfully Reflects Our Time [Audio]

Heron-Demarco-Crumble-On Me

“To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” –James Baldwin

With the national unrest that exists in America today, and the global outcry in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Heron Demarco uses his music to add to the discussion on race in America and how its dark past is still present. In “Crumble On Me,” Heron talks about the perils of being a black man in America, with frustration as the main impetus. Despite the adversities of police brutality, economic inequalities, and all variants of systemic racism, one cannot be dissuaded. Heron says, “His only wrong doing is social opposition / And upon doing he gets physical affliction” which can be confusing for anyone to accept, let alone to constantly experience. The assuring chorus says, “It gets hard to manage / and I can’t understand it / They want my world to crumble on me / It gets more surprising / They think I can’t survive it / But I won’t let them make my whole world crumble on me.” Always with impeccable delivery and clever plays on words, and thematic productions, Heron Demarco’s brand of hip hop is refreshing, during a time when rappers tend to follow a formula. An EP is set to follow that will explore our current social climate, and a fully album is in the works too. Be sure to follow Heron Demarco’s Soundcloud to stay up to date on his new releases.

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