Heron Demarco Gives Us a “Monster” Track [Audio]

Heron Demarco - "Monster" (Cover Art)

Heron Demarco – “Monster” (Cover Art)

Heron Demarco is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a rarity to encounter an emcee who not only spits flames, but is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. A perfectionist by nature, Demarco carefully crafts his tracks with the precision of a composer, and often shares works in progress with his social media following. Last year, he shared the emotive “Never Again,” which unfortunately has been removed from his Soundcloud. A couple of days ago, he dropped this gem on us and the response has been resounding. “Monster” comes hard like Chuck D on an intro awakening your attention and leaving no room for uncertainty. With the lyrical fluidity reminiscent of Eminem, and a forceful production of a Dr. Dre track—“Monster” is a freaking monster track composed, arranged, and performed by Demarco, with Sean Hamilton as engineer. Demarco says, “Today’s music has gotten soft and apologetic. My goal is to be the antithesis of such. I believe we’re off to a good start.” Indeed he is off to a great start! Keep your ears on this dynamic artist; we intend to! Check out “Monster” below.

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