Sawandi Gives Us Some of His “Beats, Child & Life: Vol. 1” EP (Audio)

Photo by Sabriya Simon

Photo: Sabriya Simon

Sawandi is one of those intriguing people you meet due his interesting life story. He is Jamaican born, but spent his formative years in Antigua. At an early age, he had a fascination with music and medicine, and learned to play the piano while in Antigua. He returned to Jamaica during his teen years to prepare for entry into the University of West Indies, where he attended medical school. He is now a family doctor.  In 2006, Sawandi graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy, which was held that year in Melbourne, Australia. The experience of Red Bull Music Academy influenced and changed his approach to creating music and opened him up to making global musical friends.

His new EP Beats, Child, & Life Vol. 1 EP comprises of four tracks and is a window into Sawandi‘s life. Despite living a hectic life aiding the sick, and being a father, it is no surprise that his brand of music evokes solace and calm. Beats, Child, & Life is a collection of mid-tempo instrumentals with great percussive elements, as highlighted in “Deep Morning Groove.” Additionally, Sawandi is beta-testing a new online radio show called I.M.I.M. Radio (Interesting Music, Interesting Medicine), a radio show where he plays music of his choice mixed with dialogue on preventative healthcare methods that listeners can use.

Beats, Child & Life Vol. 1 is available at the following outlets: Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon 

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