See Jay Electronica in Toyota’s Music In Motion Series (Video)

Jay Electronica Music in Motion

Still taken from Music in Motion short

The question has to be asked: How long is Jay Electronica going to tease us? We’ve been patiently waiting on this man to drop an album, an EP, a something, for how long now? He moves across the pond, gets caught in an heiress’ dynasty, makes a few surprise appearances here and there and still no album. Seeing his name attached to something piqued our interest, and unfortunately, again, we are being teased! This time, he teams with San Francisco based director, Jason Goldwater of creative content studio Decon (known for his nice direction on Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A” and The Roots’Dear God 2.0” videos) for Toyota’s Music in Motion, advertising the latest Avalon. Watching this short plays with our emotions. Driving a white Avalon, Elect rolls into a warehouse, and we see what looks like a painter’s area, signifying a blank canvas and an electric drum machine with up facing speakers. Elect puts on a white overall, sits down, and proceeds to write what we know has to be a dope rhyme. An artist begins to pour paint into the speaker drums as the bass mixes the paints together and Elect starts to spit on the mic in languid performance to inspire the artist while he paints. This visually compelling and perspective piece leaves you wanting to hear the actual song, with vocals. So to quote Friedrich Nietzsche from Human, All Too Human, “In reality, hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs man’s torments.” Just give us the damn album, Jay!

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