Kero Uno Directs First Video with “Journey Together” (Video)


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Kero Uno, is the production only moniker for Kero One. He released his debut single “Check the Blueprints” in 2003 and had only 50 presses made, where he implemented the marketing and PR for the single himself, landing in the hear of a Toyko-based DJ, and the rest just fell into place. With over nine released albums, not to mention his collaborative productions with Green Tea and others, artists now come to him. His latest release, Reflection Eternal continues with his mid-tempo vibe of fusing nu jazz and hip hop, and featuring a nice mix of vocalists such as Jeff BernatLindsay OlsenSuhn, and rappers Blu and Brandun Deshay. What’s refreshing about Kero One‘s productions is the “feel good” effect. The “Journey Together” video finds Kero One writing, directing, and acting the lead role alongside Heidi Huan. On why he chose to have a video for an instrumental song, Kero One says, “I know this isn’t the most commercial sounding song on the album that one might think deserves all the time, money and energy but I just wanted to execute a vision I had when producing this song.” Music ignites inner vision, and it’s great see firsthand the closest thing to what a musician saw while creating a song. In this instance, the word is ‘Love’. Check it out the video for “Journey Together.”

Reflection Eternal by Kero Uno is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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