PRESS REWIND: The Nonce – “Who Falls Apart”

The Nonce - Who Falls Apart

Album artwork

In 1995 I purchased my first ever vinyl 12” which was “The Bus Stops” by Los Angeles’ The Nonce. Although I loved the main track, it was the B-side that blew me away. I had never heard jazz sampled in this way and certainly did not fully comprehend what I was hearing at the time.  The Nonce, were a duo that consisted of Yusef Afloat and Sach were a part of the forward thinking Project Blowed collective that was born out of LA’s Leimert Park area in the early 90s. The artists who emerged under the umbrella of Project Blowed were the flip side to the gangsta rap and misogyny that laced West Coast based rap music. The Nonce used sophisticated productions that had a jazz undercurrent, smart play on words, where they paid homage to the rappers from the mid-80s. The track “Who Falls Apart” comes from their major label release World Ultimate on Rick Ruben‘s American Recordings label. Put this one on repeat to really feel that state of mind where it is no longer repetition or a loop, but rather a continuous flow of creative inspiration. Check it out below and let us know how it moves you.

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