Heron Demarco – “Never Again” (Audio)

Seldom do you come across an emcee who is also a multi-instrumentalist and a producer. Self-taught pianist and multi-instrumentalist, Heron Demarco‘s music is a great blend of rock and hip hop, with a touch of soul. Spitting his first rhyme at the age of nine, Heron Demarco has sojourned to create a sound that is true to self. His lyrics are uninhibited, where his truth causes introspection, that your mind opens in a freeing way. On “Never Again” featuring Mike Coppola on vocals, Heron Demarco examines the emotions surrounding a breakdown between two friends, the hurt of betrayal, and his declaration of not leaving the space for it to happen again. The guitars highlight Demarco’s ability to incorporate various musical genres into his sound as his delivery paints a vivid picture where one begins to understand and empathize with his realization of deceit. His style is a cross between NAS and Eminen, with intense guitars and the heavy boom likening to Dr. Dre, we are looking forward to hearing more in 2015 from this talented artist. Check it out below and head over to his Bandcamp to hear more of his music.

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