Don-E – “Future Rare Grooves” (Audio)

Future Rare Grooves has been in the works for a few months and is a culmination of Don-es favourite rare grooves. For those unfamiliar with the UK definition of rare grooves, it can be described as those hidden two-step tunes often by artists of the 70s and 80s who never reached notoriety. Vinyl collectors would buy these rare albums by face value and would unearth these gems starting the trend of the rare grooves house parties and club nights. With Future Rare GroovesDon-e incorporates his style of soul with the old, turning it into future rare grooves. Using prominent elements of “Open Your Heart” by Bar Kays on “I Got It” and Jean Reynolds‘ “The Fruit Song” on “Without Your Love” it is apropos to Don-e‘s journey as a musician, bring back the sounds of live instrumentation, something that is often lost in modern soul. On “Live It Up,” Don-e uses Maxi Anderson’s “Body Fusion” and the dirty bass added to the track modernizes the song while embracing his classical soul feel. Listen to the sampler below, then head over to iTunes | for purchase.

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Roseann V. Warren

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