Snoop Dogg Returns to G-Funk with Funkmaster DâM FunK on “Faden Away”

Photo by Peanut Butter Wolf  via Instagram

Photo by Peanut Butter Wolf on the video set of “Faden Away” via Instagram

The much anticipated collaboration between Snoop Dogg and DâM FunK takes Snoop back to his G-Funk roots  with “Faden Away” by teaming with the most apropos artist, the funkmaster himself, DâM FunK. This two-step gem with its heavy funk bass licks will have you grooving instantaneously. Not only is the track pure fire in production, using DâM FunK‘s multi-instrumentalist skills highlighting his branded flavour of fresh funk but this collaboration propels DâM FunK further to become a well deserved household name. It’s surprising Snoop and DâM FunK  haven’t gotten together sooner! “Faden Away” is the first teaser from the forthcoming album 7 Days of Funk to be released on Peanut Butter Wolf‘s label Stones Throw, that is also home to DâM FunK. A video for “Faden Away” is soon to come; it was recorded last week. Check out the track below!

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