Shokazulu a.k.a. Kaidi Tatham (Audio)

There is something incredibly rich within the productions of the 2000 Black crew (Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks). The Broken Beat was sound born in the UK, where a small collective of music loving men would meet and make music, becoming an underground de facto, where their musicianship exceeds those in the commercial realm. Kaidi Tatham, a member of the now defunct  Broken Beat group of producers, Bugz in the Attic, started his musical endeavors playing flute at the mere age of nine and played with the National Children’s Wind Orchestra in the West Midlands. Later, he moved to South London, studied music and found his passion in the piano. Listening to his  musical arrangements there is a level of sophistication from percussion to chords and the use of the Moog keyboard is the staple. Tatham‘s style is a revival, and appreciation of various music forms fused into something quite incredible! If you don’t own Tatham‘s In Search of Hope, you need it in your life…now!

Tatham gave us a taste of Shokazulu back in 2011 with the funky “Part 4” and we waited with baited breath for the completed album. Shokazulu delivers on exponential levels. Check out a couple of the tracks below, then head over to 2000Black to support good music; it is worth every penny!

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