Tyler, the Creator – “Wolf” (Video)

Tyler-The-Creator-WolfIt’s a Tyler, the Creator week!  Wolf is definitely a journey into the life of a brat, someone who really does not give a f***! Can we call Tyler a shock jock or a rap force to be reckoned with? Wolf, his third solo release brings the return his usual cast of characters — his inner therapist Dr. T. C. (Tyler’s Conscience) and his partner Sam, and the alter ego Wolf Haley. While still touching on themes of adolescence and a disdain for the world about him, Wolf shows Tyler tackling subjects that we can identify with, especially on track “Answer,” where he speaks of a relationship with an absentee father, an estranged relationship with a grandmother and speaks with such realism, you actually emphase with him. Laced with provocative language, a production that takes us back to classic underground hip hop, and interesting, yet well matched collaborators (Stereolab singer Lætitia Sadier, Coco of Quadron, Erykah Badu, Pharrell Williams, and his Odd Future fam). Wolf is a fun and cohesive listen, even when you get beyond the unnecessary and excessive use of homophobic language, it’s just packaged as Tyler. Check out to trippy video for “IFHY” featuring Pharrell Williams.

Wolf is available iTunes | Amazon

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