Alice Smith’s New Album “She” (Audio + Video)

One thing that Alice Smith has proven — one can certainly overrule the sophomore album curse! Always leaning toward non-categorization with her choices in music and vocal styling, Smith has grown tremendously since being a chanteuse throughout New York City and her debut For Lovers Dreamers & Me, which received much critical acclaim. Now with She, Smith digs a lot deeper in revealing her true vocal abilities on these recordings. When the short video of her doing a cover of Cee-Lo Green‘s “Fool For You” hit the net early last year, it was clear she was not playing any games.  Though there are a few tracks that musically fail to match Smith’s vocals, the songs that do are pure beauty in your ears. She‘s overall theme is liberating, of a woman unafraid to walk  from or to a relationship. On “The One”  she sings, “I’m not the one, don’t play me son, don’t you play, don’t you play.” On “Another Love” she sings, “There’s nothing here to fight for baby, be on your way.” Always a strong songwriter and the strength on She comes when Smith is not creating a new wheel, but cruising along letting her voice lead the way.

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And if you missed “Fool For You.”

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