T.I. “Sorry” Feat. Andre 3000 (Audio)

Having become a household name due to his VH1 reality show, film, and TV career, T.I. seems to be on fire these days. His new single featuring Andre 3000 piques ones attention (big time!). For the past nine years, we’ve been patiently waiting for Andre 3000 to release a The Love Below Part II. As much as we luuv to see him on the silver screen (forthcoming Hendrix bio film) and on the box (the recent Gillette ad) , a solo recording effort is what we truly desire. Over the years, Andre 3000 has shown his uncanny skill to beast a track, and we can’t say that T.I. does not deliver on “Sorry” but it’s what Andre 3000 loads track with that kicks it into turbo, providing personal rhetoric answering his, and indirectly our questions on where he has been.  We won’t get another The Love Below, but it’s evident that whatever he spits out in rhyme will open our minds. “Sorry” is a hot tune! Check it out below.

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Roseann V. Warren

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