Cecilia Stalin – Step Like A Giant (Audio)

Step Like A Giant, the sophomore album from one of our favourite Swedes, Cecilia Stalin, gives us a mix of all the things which light her up!

Taking inspiration from John Coltrane‘s “Naima,” Stalin perfectly sums up her leaning to Coltrane as her, “way of reaching out to people today that haven’t been introduced to the music of John Coltrane, who haven’t been introduced to jazz in a way that appeals to them, to people who don’t know jazz at all and to everyone to understand what John did for the musical platform we all use today!”

Step Like A Giant contains leaps through bounds with Stalin singing with such delicacy and precision, providing us with funky hooks, broken beats, classic and nu jazz grooves, with a little hip hop sprinkled on top.

Production is provided by artists far and wide, such as Drew Beats, Madus & Scogil, EnO, Lil Chif, Unforscene, Replife, Flyphonic, Jay Soul, Dhundee, Waiwan, Nate Smith and band members, Jo Philpotts, Alex Bennett, Paul Jones, Simon King, Liz Elensky.

Delicious listening. Head over to Cecilia Stalin’s Bandcamp page to get yourself a copy of Step Like A Giant. NOW!

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