Applejac Presents: “Playin’ Favorites” (Free Download)

We’ve been sprinkling music by Applejac a.k.a. Uncle Shecky for quite some time and its as though we’re on a sojourn as he takes on bigger and more independent projects. Playin’ Favorites is like swallowing a dose of cool, fusing various sounds and genres, taken from yesteryear yet making it progressive and new. Applejac says with the release of Playin’ Favorites, “It is my hope I can expose the masses to my super talented friends and also educate the younger fans by putting a new twist on these classic tunes.” That is exactly what you get when listening to an Applejac production—an education. The album features the talents of The Baldhead Queen, Tonya Dyson, Ramona, Rogiers, Reggie B, and Carmen Rodgers. Check out “You Meet My Approval” featuring Reggie B. which has a little funky Steve Arrington vibe to it. Then head over to Applejac’s Bandcamp page to get yourself your dose of cool.

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Roseann V. Warren

Founder + Editorial Director at Muphoric Sounds
Roseann V. Warren is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance writer and developmental book editor, who proudly calls herself a member of the Prince army, and believes Hersey's chocolate is a crime. Follow her @webdiva3000