The Roy Ayers Project (Documentary Preview)

Oftentimes when listening to a Roy Ayers record, you often wonder what the story is behind a track. When listening to “Poo Poo La La” and “Dontcha Say No” and “I Wanna Touch You Baby,” I can’t help but think, Uncle Roy is one smooth player! These were tunes that breathed sex, love, life, sensuality, with unparalleled musicianship. His fusion of jazz with an R&B sensibility created timeless music, that many have sought to emulate. A whole genre of music — neo soul — was born from his sheer influence. Simply put, there’s no other like Roy Ayers!

What is The Roy Ayers Project? A documentary about the life, music, and philosophy of the spirit of Roy Ayers, bringing artists together to express themselves through their art to capture the spirit of this outstanding musician. Combining live performances with Roy Ayers himself as they perform in venues across the US, The Roy Ayers Project is going to be the documentary to watch to gain understanding of an important artist. Check out the trailer below, directed by Haylow Overby and Ariel Nuñez?with music provided by Detroit-based producer, Tall Black Guy.

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Roseann V. Warren

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