Radiohead – “Staircase” (Live From the Basement Video)

Radiohead on From the Basement
A group that eats together, stays together — and it is clear that Radiohead are eating together, and their food is music. This live performance is perfect; to the point of not even sounding like a live performance but one that is orchestrated on a CD after months and months of practice, tweaking, and labour. Flawless.

The live footage below was recently filmed for a BBC special called From the Basement by producer Nigel Godrich, which originally started out as a podcast and was later to turned into a television series of in-studio performances featuring artists such as The White Stripes, Beck, and Gnarls Barkley, to name a few. Radiohead perform “Staircase,” doubling up on the rhythm with Portishead drummer Clive Deamer.

This second video is their last full performance on From the Basement in 2008, where they performed their entire In Rainbows album in-studio in 2008. It’s pretty incredible. Enjoy!

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