Bobby Blunt + Vex = Huey Neutron – “Love Is” (Free Download)

Can we say PITTSBURGH?! Late last year, we were put onto an artist by the name of Bobby Blunt (a Virginia native, residing in Pittsburgh, who did the creative Petey’s Soapbox EP, inspired by the shock jock Petey Greene) and later the collaborative project, under the name of Huey Neutron, which included an producer and emcee by the name of Vex. Now with their second track together, “Love Is,” they touch on the universality of love and it’s complexities. The track is reminiscent of Slum Village‘s “You Know What Love Is,” where on “Love Is,” the keys wiry sound act as the confusion one feels when they are trying to understand what is happening to them emotionally. The solution to the confusion, really is to surrender. Check it out below.

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Roseann V. Warren

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