The iSHE + HEZEKiAH PROJECT (Download)

Yes, this project sounds nothing short of FRESH! Philadelphia native, HEZEKiAH (emcee, producer, and songwriter) who has worked with a slew of Illadephia artists, has teamed up with San Diego native singer/songwriter, iSHE for what was initially supposed to be an EP, but once they started working together, they decided to do a full album. Scheduled to hit June 1st, and every two weeks starting today, they will post a taster for us to chew on. “Stand Guard” is the first appetizer, with iSHE‘s no nonsense delivery — you better back off because her man “ain’t no captain save a hoe,” she’s standing guard; he’s worth it! Check it out below. Looking forward to hearing the finished project.


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Roseann V. Warren

Founder + Editorial Director at Muphoric Sounds
Roseann V. Warren is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance writer and developmental book editor, who proudly calls herself a member of the Prince army, and believes Hersey's chocolate is a crime. Follow her @webdiva3000