Little Dragon Visit Staten Island’s P.S. 22 School and Perform “Twice” Together (Video)

Let’s just call today, Little Dragon day! I wasn’t able to post this video earlier due to technical limitations but could not let this go unmentioned, especially being a mother myself of a pre-teen child. As mentioned earlier today, Little Dragon are hot on the promotion trail – touring Europe and the US, just finished shows at SXSW, and found time to take a trip to Staten Island’s Public School 22 (P.S. 22). These children are phenomenal! It’s initiatives like these that further illustrate the importance of music in schools. Children need to be rounded in academics, arts, and sports. Kudos to the music teacher for introducing independent music like Little Dragon to a younger generation, who ordinarily wouldn’t be exposed such music. Check out P.S. 22 perform “Twice” with Little Dragon. You might tear up watching this!

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Roseann V. Warren

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