Don-e – “Find U” + Q&A (Audio)

One of the things about blogging that I like, is that you don’t have to adher to church and state rules. Off the bat, I’ve known Don-e over 20 years and he never ceases to amaze me! During our college years, we called him Little Stevie due to his insurmountable talent as a multi-instrumentalist and singer. I often bunked class just to sit and listen while the guys jammed and had fun. Being one of UK’s finest R&B artists to emerge in the early 90s, Don-e showed nothing but integrity and excellence in all that he has done. He’s been off the radar since his last release in 2008, but has been very active musically, working with many artists and touring the world with the legendary artist and style maven, Grace Jones.

To kick off the release of his new single, “Find U” (set to release March 28th on Soulm8), Muphoric Sounds asked Don-e a couple of questions about what he’s been up to. “Find U,” which started out as a soulful house tune, has gone through many incarnations, which further shows Don-e‘s versatility as an artist. Visit on March 28th to buy your copy of “Find You“; the EP, which will contain the single is scheduled to release sometime next month. Check out my two favourites below; there will be about five mixes on the single release. Check back for the video which is currently in production!

Muphoric Sounds:  What has Don-e been up to since the release of “Natural” in 2008?
Don-E: Sooo much stuff! It’s been nuts! I’ve been gigging at home and abroad—Spain, UK, Barbados, and touring with Grace Jones, doing sessions on various tracks, and songwriting!

MS: What advice would you give an aspiring musician/singer/songwriter trying to get into the business?
Don-E: BE YOURSELF! Too many artists sound the same these days!

MS: I remember when your video “My Gosh” was picked up on BET in ’92; it as a big deal for British Soul. What other big moments have you had during your career?
Don-E: Supporting James Brown at Lee Valley, that was a show, boy!! Meeting Stevie Wonder was a day I’ll never forget! Thanks to Omar! And Top of the Pops was a moment too; always wanted to go on that show!

MS: How would you describe the material you’re working on now?
Don-E: I call it future soul, a combination of the melodies from back in the day but with the sonics of now.

MS: What projects/collaborations do you have down the pike? Who would you like to work with, and why?
Don-E: I’m about to do a track with Kym Mazzelle–should be fun! Also working on my new EP; it will have five new tracks and will be out in April on Soulm8. I’m working on a project called Ladies Night featuring UK female vocalists that need to shine.

MS: Are there any artists you’re listening to at the moment, you’d like our readers to check out?
Don-E: I’m feeling Yaw at the moment! That’s some good vibes right there! I love me some Frank McComb and Lalah Hathaway too! I’m also listening to Leroy Hutson and Leon Ware. Been bumping them on my iPod.

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