DJ Apple Jac – “Real Dilla Quotes” [Free Download + Video]

It still amazes me when I come across people who have no idea who James Dewitt Yancey better known as J Dilla and/or Jay Dee, was. I suppose, when one’s talents isn’t visual but auditory and sensory, our fickle society is quick to dismiss, ignore, or give that credit to someone else. J Dilla was one of music’s most influential hip-hop artists. Yet, commercially, his name still is relatively unknown. Recently I dropped Dilla‘s name in a conversation with one of my girlfriends, who didn’t know who he was. I pulled out the commercial Janet Jackson‘s “Got ’til It’s Gone” reference, to a surprised look of “Oh! Nice.” His style marked the era from 2000 to his passing. He affected hip hop and its counterparts, to a point that we say, “it’s a Dilla like beat.”

The tune below “Real Dilla Quotes (Nothin’ Like This)” is produced by DJ Applejac, where he takes great soundbytes from people who knew, will always love and respect J Dilla. A beautiful piece which captures the essence of what J Dilla stood for in his short, yet impressive life (in 2006 at the age of 32 he lost his battle with the lupus disease).

Rest in Peace Jay Dee! Donuts are Forever!

Real Dilla Quotes (Nothin Like This) by Applejac



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