Homeboy Sandman (Video)

I’ve been saying repeatedly over the past few weeks, “Why isn’t Homeboy Sandman bigger?!!” Had to pull out “Parellel Perpendicular,” tweet about it, complain to a friend about how dope this man is, and why is there so much nonsense out there. Then today, as I did some in-box cleaning, came across a video interview sent to me TWO weeks ago from our friends over at Put Me On It; a video interview with HOMEBOY SANDMAN nonetheless!!! Obviously, I can’t hold out on homeboy any longer. He needs a big up, shout out, and rounds of pounds. If you don’t know him, rid yourself of shame by clicking here to purchase from iTunes to pick up his third album The Good Son, which was released this past June (he’s been making tunes since 2007 people!).

Below are two tunes to wrap your ears around and the Put Me On It interview, which took place a few months ago during SXSW, where they flipped the script by having Homeboy Sandman share his thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandi, guilty pleasures, and his frustrations on anti-brown messages in music that US radio sends through hip hop. This homeboy is no light-weight rapper. In fact, the same tenacity and excitement I felt while listening to Jay Electronica was felt with Homeboy Sandman.

“Parallel Perpendicular” from My Crew is Thinner

“Low Co.” from The Good Son

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Roseann V. Warren

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Roseann V. Warren is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance writer and developmental book editor, who proudly calls herself a member of the Prince army, and believes Hersey's chocolate is a crime. Follow her @webdiva3000

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  1. woodz

    July 22, 2010 at 2:40 am

    Give that homeboy his due shine!
    He even makes handclaps sound dope! http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=F-yxOnHJ5uk