The Opus – “Praying Mantis- Plus Edition” (GIVEAWAY)

Last month, we shared this wonderful group The Opus from Chicago, where their EP Praying Mantis was available for free download (read piece here). The album has now been released and includes a five additional tunes that weren’t available on the EP. Muphoric Sounds were able to get their hands on limited edition copies of the CD, where the album cover delves further with their praying mantis, a world that has become desolate and overcome by the attack of grasshoppers. The artwork is by Albane. Visit their site to view more of their work

The Opus has given us and additional copy of the Plus Edition for giveaway! To win a copy, send an email to contests at muphoricsounds dot com, by June 8, 2010 for a random drawing. You will be notified via email, if you are the winner! (We dislike spam as much as you do; your contact information will never be sold or rented, in compliance with US Spam Laws.) So get yourself in it, to win it, and share the word with your friends.

Check out “Constellation Nine” below and then enter to win at contests at muphoricsounds dot com!

“Constellation Nine”

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