Daru Jones feat. Kissey Asplund “So Good” PD EP (Download)

Daru Jones, Brooklyn-based drummer and producer, has started a new monthly project, entitled RUSIC. His mission for the project is, “to challenge myself by releasing one RUSIC project per month, to showcase indie artists in coordination with the RUSIC sound. Each project has a different theme in order to showcase my diversity, and convey a message, regardless of the form or genre.”

Starting with one of my favourite Swedish alternative soul singers Kissey Asplund, is no surprise. When producers hear Kissey on record, they seek her out and put her on a track or two, or as in this case, six. She has this sweet tonality, an inventive delivery, which gives her diversity and sets her apart from others. Daru being a killer on the drums, provides his signature hard slaps, coupled with Kissey applying additional sugar to the beat; this is such a great collaboration. Can’t wait for the next RUSIC!

Check out “Sweetest Day” below and head over to Daru‘s Bandcamp page for the free download. And remember, don’t be a hoard; share the wealth with your friends!

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Roseann V. Warren

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