Iman Williams – “Stupid Human Trick” (Audio)

This Alabama babe, Iman Williams, now residing in the Bay Area, has been working on her album for quite sometime and it’s what one would call a labour love. Releasing tasters since last year of various songs and remixes, you get a true sense of what Stupid Human Trick will evoke, and from what is out there, it’s raw emotion. With beautifully layered harmonies to match her smooth vocal style and insulating herself with amazing underground talent (BusCrates, Velben, Porsche Smith), Stupid Human Trick will touch our senses. Having the advantage of living between Alabama, Atlanta, and now Oakland, she has been able to connect with vast amount of producers, casting her net wider due to the accessibility the internet gives.

Being a product of the 80s, Iman‘s influences span through all the greats of that time. In her own words, Iman says, “The energy that I dispense from my music is coming directly from my soul. It’s my lyrics, [the] harmony I put in my music that makes it soul music.”

Check out “Ordinary Love” from Stupid Human Trick below and head over to iTunes to hear The Long Journey Back to Reality Pt. Deux EP, which was released back in January. Stupid Human Trick is scheduled to release next month.

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