Nikki & Rich (Video)

I know I haven’t been in a cave somewhere! So how did I miss these two?!! The sexy retro-soul duo, Nikki & Rich are about to take the world by storm with their forthcoming album. Nikki Leonti, a California native and daughter of a pastor, grew up singing in church and Rich Velonskis, is a Queens-NY born hip-hop and R&B producer. Rich was looking for a vocalist to take his music to the next level and voila!, in comes Nikki! With her sassy vocal style and strong song writing, you can’t help but think, “Where did that voice come from?!” Amazing sound. Very impressed with Nikki & Rich.

Listen to “Cat & Mouse” and “Next Best Thing” below from their forthcoming album which is expected to release later this year, then watch the Nikki & Rich Documentary Trailer. They clearly are having fun with it. It would be so cool if they were actually a couple. I suppose, time will reveal it.

Click on links below to hear songs:

“Cat & Mouse”

“Next Best Thing”

Check out their performance in NYC at the Ramscale Penthouse!

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