Res – Brooklyn Show, March 12 (Download of “Party Robot”)

The name Res has been floating around for the past decade. Having hit us hard with her seminal debut release, How I Do in 2001, we patiently waited for more. Unfortunately, Res fell prey to record industry politics in the frame of a liquidation, which left her on Geffen Record‘s shelf. This did not stop the urban chanteuse from getting things done, from her song “To Empower” being featured in movie Akeelah and the Bee, forming a band, and now is all set to release her an official sophomore release EP.

With quite a few tour dates to hit in March, expect to see more of Res in the coming months. Headlining the show at North 4th Bar on March 12th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will be a chance for Res’ fans to get reacquainted with her.

We were able to get Res to answer a few questions for you to hear about what she’s been doing over the years. Check out the Q&A below!

Muphoric Sounds: What have you been up to since the release of “How I Do”?
Res: I have written another album called Black Girls Rock!, recorded an acoustic EP called BARE set for a indie release May 1st, toured with Gnarls Barkley singing backup for Cee Lo, traveled a bit, started a new group with Talib Kweli called Idle Warship and just continued living life as I know it!

MS: How did Idle Warship come about?
Res: It was a way for Kweli and I to do music in genres we are not known to do. Just another outlet to create something fresh!

MS: How would you describe your sound now?
Res: Lauryn Hill meets Fleetwood Mac.

MS: You released Black Girls Rock! last year. Is there anything new coming? What can we expect?
Res: I have recently recorded an acoustic EP called BARE. I plan to release it May 1st. And I am working on a new album with the producer of my first album. I am also gearing up to work with Kweli on the Idle Warship album. So far we released [in October 2009] a mixtape for free download called Party Robot.

MS: What do you have in store for your March 12th show in Brooklyn, NY?
Res: This performance is going to be the begining of my acoustic series. Me and one maybe two guitar players. It will be very intimate and raw.

MS: Are there any artist’s you’re listening to at the moment, you’d like our readers to check out?
Res: There is a guy in the UK named Tinashé.

Also check for tour dates and if you missed the Mick Boogie Idle Warship Mixtape, Party Robot, it’s available here for download.

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