Chiaroscuro featuring Zara McFarlane (Vudoo Vox Dub)

bopstar1DJ Bopstar tipped me to his new mix of “Chiaroscuro” featuring Zara McFarlane. It doesn’t happen too often but when an original tune inspires beatmakers to stretch it further, we’re always in for a treat. “Chiaroscuro” was first featured on the Basement Soul comp, where Bopstar turned the broken beat formula on its head with his remix of the tune. The Vudoo Vocal Dub version is a soulful house mix where with each chorus, it builds musically in a crescendo and Zara McFarlane’s vocals glide flawlessly over the track. Got it on heavy rotation at the moment.

The EP of “Chiaroscuro” will be out September 25th, and Bopstar is giving a free download of the tune away on his site. While you’re on his site, read about how “Chiaroscuro” came about and the various people involved in getting it started.

If you’re in London, July 23rd, Bopstar will be hosting the “Out of This World” night at Centro (formerly AKA).

Wrap your ears around “Chiaroscuro” below. Download it HERE.

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