Adiam Dymott Debut Album (Audio + Video)

adiam-dymottAdiam Dymott got her singing start working as a receptionist at a record label and studio heads, while mapping out the vocals, would often call on Adiam to lay guide vocals. From these sessions, came her demo, which lead to getting signed to Razzia Records. Sometimes it works going in from the ground!

While Adiam was born and raised in Sweden, her Northeast African parents were from Eritrea, a country that fought for decades to gain its independence, which was not obtained until 1993. Her parents fled Eritrea and moved to Sweden, where Adiam was born.

Adiam’s debut album, was produced by fellow Scandinavian musician, Thomas Rusiak, featuring Christian Gabel (Thåström, Bob Hund), Mattias Bärjed (Soundtrack Of Our Lives) and Harri Mänti (former Kent member) is a mix between pop, rock, with a tinge of hip hop to authenticate it to our times. The production, with its rock-out guitar riffs sound very Lenny Kravitz (although he had nothing to do with the album), especially on “I Miss You” and “Pizza.” While it’s unclear what the meaning is behind the song, “John Denver,” it’s always great to commemorate folk singers of yesteryear. Totally sold on Ms. Dymott. Check out “John Denver” and video for “Pizza” below. The album can be purchased on eMusic.

“John Denver”

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