Santigold Turns into Southerngold: The Mixtape (Download Audio)

Terry Urban and Gold Coin ClothingBrooklyn-based DJ Terry Urban and Gold Coin Clothing teamed up for this mashup — a refashioning of Santigold’s hooks and beats with Southern rappers like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Andre 3000, Bun B, Trick Daddy, fusing their works into productions as though they were originally created this way. To be honest, I was late to the water with this Southern Gold, due to my lack of interest in Lil Wayne and his image gracing the cover. After finally listening to it, I’m baffled by why there isn’t more chatter about it because it is HOT.

There was some controversy surrounding the free download; Santigold’s record label, Downtown Records sent a cease and desist order to Urban to deter the distribution of the album but he put it out on the Internet anyway. Apparently, Santigold was unaware of the mixtape or the antics of her record label. Santigold is a strong supporter of the mixtape culture and how DJ’s were instrumental in her own career, so it was a surprise that her label opposed the distribution of Southerngold. She sent a statement out to her Myspace friends stating that she would get to the bottom of her labels actions.

Southerngold is a pretty clever way for Santi to reach audiences who ordinarily wouldn’t listen to her music, as well as exposing the rappers to her alternative audience. It’s a win-win scenario really. Download your copy while listening to my favorites below.

“Can’t Say It” feat. T-Pain
[audio:04 Can’t Say It (Ft. T-Pain).mp3]

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Roseann V. Warren

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  1. baha

    July 17, 2009 at 11:32 am

    to fans of santi and all artists who produce left-field music, this mixtape is a symbol of the urgency for american hip hop mcs in 2009 to merge with this 'new' music-movement. i like it, but i dont like it.

  2. Vanessa

    July 17, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Good point. But I don't think "real" hip hop is at risk of dying with merging with the alternative artists; they've been joining forces for years. What's good about this project, is the unlikeliness of it. Personally, I don't consider southern hip hop, real hip hop; too gimmicky for my tastes. That's my personal opinion.

    Thanks for stopping by Baha. Do come back again!

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