Blu. – “Her Favourite Colo(u)r” (Audio)

blu-herfavcolorThis came out for Valentine’s Day celebrations and a lot of people slept on it due to the fact it is an ultimate breakup album, revealing the mixed and often misunderstood emotions we often feel when love has turned from sweet to soar. The jazzy undertones don’t lead you to slitting your wrists and wanting the love that went bad back, but actually accepting what’s done is done. It’s okay to reminisce, just a little.

Before getting a deal, Blu. was the hype man for Slum Village, Platinum Pied Pipers, Steve Spacek, and Emanon. Signing to indi label Soul in Color in 2004, it’s been non-stop for this San Piedro, California native. In 2007, he released with Emanon Below the Heavens, and has collaborated with DJ Heat for the (So)ul Amazing mix tapes, and is also a member of the Johnson & Johnson duo. It’s been less than two years and his work has been incredible.

Her Favo(u)rite Colo(u)r, is somewhat of a journey through the mind states of a breakup, albeit short and light on lyrical content where some of the actual songs appear to be skits, the composition in itself validates the album’s concept, ensuring that we don’t grow tired of looking at the bright and dark sides of a breakup. Take a listen to “Amnesia” where Blu. talks about the good days in the relationship, wrought with an apropos Billie Holiday sample, the vibe that will make you smile.

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